NYX Lip Lingerie is da bomb!

I am so in love with these 2 trendy matte lip colors I purchased today by NYX!  These are from their Lip Lingerie line and are both in the fashionable Greige shade family for on point pouts. The first one I bought is Corset…a natural beige with a grey undertone and a subtle  pink shift.  The second is called Embellishment and is a darker grey mauve taupe that is my favorite in the line.  This is the NOW lip look and I adore it paired with smokey eye makeup ♡♡




11 thoughts on “NYX Lip Lingerie is da bomb!”

    1. The common issue and risk with any matte lipstick is a lip drying effect. This is often why I go with demi mattes and not full on matte formulas. This lipstick, like any other of this ilk, definitely féels dry,especially after many hours of wear. The trick is to use a thin lip balm base under matte lipsticks before application. Thus creating a barrier of protection between product and pucker 🙂


      1. That sounds like a great idea!!! Any suggestions on which lip balm I should use? I have very sensitive skin and don’t want to get a reaction. Thx


  1. Hi Marla what a great idea posting your make up tips. Wishing you much success!!! I purchased the NYX Lingerie Lipli 12 today. I tried it in the store and liked the shade on me. The one you posted is beautiful but it did not suit me as well. I will try it with a lip balm underneath.


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