Modern RenaissancešŸ–¼

After hearing all the hype about the Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills, I was inclined to add it to my collection. After having experienced quite a bit of disappointment from not grabbing the previous Master Mario palette by ABH, I knew that any featured palette by this company only remains on shelves for a limited time. Once these babies are sold you will never get your hands on another one as they disappear into makeup history.

The Modern Renaissance palette is a collection of vivid burgundys, browns, taupes and dusty roses, similar to what one would find in a painting from that era. The colors are absolutely gorgeous, wear all day and are extremely buttery and blendable. I tend to avoid this palette when I’m in a hurry in the morning because of one word…FALLOUT! ā˜¢ā˜¢ Ā  That’s right. I challenge anyone to apply these shadows even with tapping and blowing at your makeup brushes and not ending up with a puddle of dust underneath your eye and on your upper cheek bone! Because of the high pigmentation of the shadows, it is not always easy to dust away the remnants of product that get all over your face makeup. As well each individualĀ shadow is pretty tiny making the product quite expensive given the palette’s high price point. I was particularly irritated to hit pan on three of the shades after only 3 weeks of owning this product ( and I didn’t reach for it to use everyday) šŸ˜ 

Finally, to add insult to injury the outside of this palette is covered in muted pink velvet, perfect to become messy and stained with makeup as one works with this product.

With all this said, I still maintain that the product is of high quality and beautiful once one goes through the torment of applying it and cleaning up afterwards. Mostly I would say that it is something one wants in their makeup collection as a true makeup addict, but not the product to reach for when one is in a rush. My suggestion… purchaseĀ Ā it, but Ā don’t make it your go-to for everyday wear.šŸ¤




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